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Social Media Post Checklist: for blogs

Social Media Blog Post Checklist for content and images with MarketHers.
Social Media Blog Post Checklist for content and images with MarketHers.


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MarketHers is a woman and black-owned digital marketing company based in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly & Sisterly Love. 

Online Business Reviews: A Double-Edged Sword

True or False: Reviews are ambiguous, pointless comments and ratings usually made by consumers who are either trying to take advantage of your business or are just never satisfied.

Answer: It doesn’t matter.

People pay attention to online reviews. Shopify cited that 90% of consumers  say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. This means no reviews or bad reviews can have a direct impact on your sales or lack thereof.  Why are online reviews so powerful and what can you do to get them? Read on to find out.

Why you should create online business accounts.

Reviews provide Positive Affirmations and inherited trust from people your consumers trust. Review sites are integrated with top social media platforms which prompt consumers to share their reviews with their social media buds. Think of it as a referral process you don’t even have to touch until the new customer is knocking at your (sales) door.

Online Marketing vs “Word of Mouth”:  I really tried to find a stat on how fast information travels via traditional Word of Mouth vs. Online Marketing but I think I was aiming too high. In any case, I’m sure information travels a Ga-Zillion times faster online than in person. Feel free to prove me wrong. Following that very scientific logic, you could potentially be reaching a Ga-Zillion more consumers with a strong review track-record. Essentially more reviews=more exposure.

So how do you get positive online reviews? We simplify the process below.

What NOT to do:

  • Ask for a “positive review” in exchange for a free/discounted product or service. Don’t beg. Especially on sites such as where reviews can have a direct impact on the status of your account. You don’t want to give the impression that you are bribing consumers for positive feedback.
  • Ask an UNsatisfied customer to leave feedback via online platforms: You’re setting yourself up for failure. Hard. Think of Reviews as your businesses’ permanent record. Customers tend to gravitate towards businesses with a higher (1) number of reviews and (2) average review rating. Trying a new restaurant or salon for the first time can be an unnerving adventure for some (I would imagine the type of people who would check review sites in the first place). So do everything in your power to keep negative reviews out of public forums that could cause a potential customer to pass on your business.
  • Argue with or insult a customer who has left negative feedback online. The old philosophy “The Consumer is always right” should resonate here. Seriously. Don’t. In fact, if you have a hard time keeping emotion out of the consumer engagement mix, you should probably pass on this task to someone else.

FACT: Someone will be unsatisfied with some facet of your business eventually. Whether genuine dissatisfaction or simply a Repeat Free Product Consumer Opportunist (positively put) you gotta take one, in fact  many, for The Team.  Okay, the following is another “old saying” reference but it sooooooo applies. Ahem:

“Never argue with a fool. From a distance you can’t tell who’s who.” —Many Credible People

Interestingly enough in this case, your audience see’s your argument up close and more often than not you’re the fool. So Refrain and Sustain (your business), my friend. Your online reputation will thank you.

What you SHOULD do instead:

  • Encourage the customer (especially overly satisfied ones) to leave feedback about their experience. Period. Don’t offer them anything. (NOTE: This only applies to online platforms. It is totally appropriate to offer a discount or free product/service or contest entry in exchange for an INTERNAL review of your business.) Every business that starts the path to the 5-Star Bricked Road of Reviews faces a dry spell. It’s easy to write Review Acquisition off as a slow and ineffective process however as in most Marketing Strategies worth investing in, the Return on Investment is a slow but sure and effective feat.
  • RESOLVE the issue. Have Customer Service Handling Guidelines in place to handle and escalate issues promptly and professionally. If the customer remains unsatisfied be sure to offer your appropriate condolences, Discount Codes, Free Products, etc. as needed. MOST IMPORTANTLY, attempt to have them complete an INTERNAL Review monitored by your business. This not only appeases the customer’s need to feel that their opinion matters and will be heard, but it allows disgruntled customers the ability to sound-off on a platform that won’t affect your business’ online reputation. Remind your customer that you are constantly seeking ways to give them the best experience possible.
  • In the occasion that you receive a negative or unflattering review, the first thing you should do is: (1) swallow your pride (as applicable), (2) respond to the comment immediately to ensure damage control, (3) offer your condolences & ask the consumer to contact your customer service handling team to resolve the matter, and (4) handle it. When you have determined that the customer is satisfied with your resolution ask the customer to remove the feedback themselves. In some special instances you can request that damaging reviews be removed from their respective platforms, but don’t count on it. Refer to the text “….Double-Edged Sword” in the title of this article.

Now that you know why you should start focusing more effort towards acquiring positive reviews, let’s get to work. We wish you all the reviews your business can handle this holiday season.

Managing online marketing can be hard and time consuming for business owners! Read 7 Signs Your Business’ Marketing Strategy Sucks! to get on the right track.

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MarketHers is a woman and black-owned digital marketing company based in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly & Sisterly Love. 


7 Signs Your Business’s Marketing Strategy Sucks.

Let me guess: As a Business owner, you’re doing everything right. Your cake-pops are delicious. Your cleaning service can make anything look newer than new. Your personal-training program can transform a third-time stay-at-home mom post-pregnancy and after enduring a strict regimen of morning talk-shows and daytime wine. Respectfully, you are the ish. But what if I told you, your ability to consistently  attract new customers to your storefront sucks? You could debate with me, but first let’s evaluate where you stand on the following frequent business marketing deficits.

  1. You don’t have a consistent, recognizable logo to represent your brand, product or service. When you made the decision to start a business, apply for that open marketing position, or generate support for a new found cause, you decided to tell the world that your product or service was different. So be different! Without a recognizable and unique logo to associate with your brand, consumers won’t be able to pick out your brand in a vast sea of others offering similar services. So don’t get flooded out! Get a logo and start branding everything with it.

    Small Biz Help: There are a ton of floating graphic designers and online sources available and the best thing is they don’t even have to be in your area! Find graphic designers online, view a sample of their work, and make sure their style fits your vision.
  2. You avoid using social media or don’t post at least once per day. We get it you don’t have time to fool with facebook and Instagram or (insert trending app here) but as they say “there’s an app for that.” Take advantage of Facebook’s Post Scheduler or a number of other social media post scheduling apps (we like hootsuite). Schedule a time each week to conjure up some creative content for your brand and pick the best times to reach your target audience. Also, be sure to post at least once per day to consistently grow your fanbase and engage the ones you’ve already got.

    Small Biz Help: Create a social media post template that flows with your target audience. For example, if you’re a fitness expert and Mondays are deemed “No Meat Mondays” you could post meatless recipes on Sunday & Monday asking your audience to try them out and post pics. People love feeling included.
  3. You don’t… have a blog?! We get it, you’re moving and shaking and who has the time to write a blog, and you’re not a writer, and blah blah blah. Look: blogging is one of those things like social media, that’s proven to generate long term results for your business or brand. When a potential consumer has access to your blog you are given the opportunity to demonstrate your business’s expertise and validity, thereby establishing your online credibility. Even more importantly, you are producing positive online search results for your business. This means when a consumer searches your Business’s name online they will be flooded by content you created. Therefore you are able  to control your  brand’s online reputation and own your digital space. Check out this great tutorial on “Why Blogging Makes Cents!“.

    Small Biz Help: Don’t feel overwhelmed by blogging. If it’s not your thing, you can hire someone to write your blog for you! On the flipside, if blogging is a task that you want to take on yourself then subscribe to MarketHers for our upcoming vlog on how to create the perfect blog, a no-fail quick guide to blogging.
  4. You take horrible selfies. Just kidding, but something like that. I can’t stress enough how important visuals are when it comes to post engagement. No visuals=BORING. At-least for the visually stimulated which happens to be most of us. Another common downfall is when posts include visuals but they lack in quality. For example, if you’re in the catering business and your posts often include images of your prepared dishes, your photo shouldn’t look like something cooked up in the middle-school cafeteria. Presentation is critical. Check out the Top 10 iPhone Photography Tips to change your photo game.

    Small Biz Help: For your static sites make it a point to get a photographer to take photos of key elements of your business and spend a day photographing your products, and/or services being fulfilled. Your web pages, graphics, and advertisement photos should be top-notch and unique to your business! Daily posts, on the contrary, don’t need so much effort. If a photographer isn’t in the budget right now a quality high-resolution camera which most smartphones come equipped with is adequate.
  5. You don’t evaluate your marketing techniques! How do you know if your marketing strategies are working? Does one ad design for the same campaign get significantly more engagement and conversion than the other? These are things you need to pay attention to so that you’re not wasting your precious (and often limited) ad budget on irrelevant ads that yield little lead conversion. Think of it like this: You get more flies with honey. If your ad doesn’t have the honey you won’t be getting any flies! Most Ad Campaign managers such as Click Funnel or even Lead Pages have a built in split test which compares engagement, and lead conversion rates. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, we explain what Lead Conversions are in upcoming MarketHers tutorials.

    Small Biz Help: Use a campaign manager/analyzer that is easy for you to understand. Watch a tutorial on the basic how-tos, roll up your sleeves, and get to work! Click Funnel is a great program for managing and analyzing your online marketing campaigns.
  6. You don’t collect E-Mail Addresses. I mean seriously. Not to be condescending but, what are you doing, bruh? The key to getting repeat business is capturing demographics and contact info pertaining to your customers. When you collect email addresses you are gaining direct access to your customers post purchase. Even if a consumer has never bought a single thing from you, there are ways to get them to drop that golden Email for future marketing purposes.

    Small Biz Help: Now that we have an understanding about the necessity of collecting emails addresses, here comes the “How-To collect email addresses” portion of our show. Lead Pages are like mini-websites designed to elicit consumers to submit their contact information. Essentially they lead the consumer to your product or service. Marketers utilize a wide variety of strategies to get consumers to drop their info on lead pages. Offering a free or discounted service, or access to a free tutorial, contest, sweepstakes, etc. are all effective as long as you are offering something relevant to your target audience. Simply put: Don’t offer a steak to someone without teeth. For lack of a better analogy.
  7. You don’t UTILIZE your consumers’ Email Addresses! So you went through all that trouble to collect demographics and email addresses, for them to sit in a spreadsheet? I reiterate: BRUH. Do you know what you could do with that information? The possibilities are endless. Well I wouldn’t go that far but you can certainly do a lot. Your consumer demographics tell you whether or not you are reaching your intended target audience or if you need to refocus on who your target audience is. When you know the demographics of your consumers you can better tailor your content to that audience. Ensuring your product or service is visible to the right audience will increase your lead conversion rate. Tip: Mailchimp is a great (and affordable) marketing automation tool that centralizes your email list and keeps you on top of your email marketing.

    Small Biz Help: Once you’ve established a system for collecting email addresses and storing them into a database you can begin email campaigning. While there are variety of email campaign software tools, it’s important to choose an email client that fits the scale of your current consumer base and has room for growth. Many of our clients use MailChimp which is adequate and user friendly for the mildly tech-savvy.

Now let’s revisit the question: Does your businesses’ marketing strategy suck? Perhaps you have a logo and social media accounts but why stop there? There’s no point in having social media if you’re not taking the steps to draw your target consumer audience to your product. Similar to a business putting up an “Open” sign on their storefront but never making it a point to actually guide consumers to their doorsteps.

If you’re serious about owning a business and want to see it flourish, then it’s important that you dedicate time to researching your industry and that you build in a marketing budget. After all, you didn’t become an entrepreneur because you wanted to struggle. So stop chasing leads, learn how strategic marketing can catapult your online sales, and watch your business blossom into the legacy you knew it could be.

TIP: Use Lead Pages to drive your online traffic, automate your marketing, and so many other helpful functions for business owners all in one place! 

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MarketHers is a woman and black-owned digital marketing company based in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly & Sisterly Love. 


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